Skill-based Game Systems

Certified Skill-based game platform for Georgia Intralot

Our certified Skill-based game system for Georgia Intralot supports all necessary functions and features required in the state of Georgia for Class B nudge machines. Many skill-game products based on our system are being successfully used on the market in Georgia.

Slot Constructor Georgia Skill platform features

  • BMM Certified for Georgia Intralot
  • Multigame support for up to 8 games per board
  • Dual display support as well as single screen
  • Variety of nudge game features, bonuses and progressives
  • SAS 6.02 support to connect COAM to Intralot system controller
  • 28-pin "pot-o-gold" style connector to fit existing cabinets
  • MEI, Pyramid and Astro GBA bill acceptors support
  • Variety of thermal receipt printers support
  • "Mutha Goose" cashless system support

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Skill-based game platform for variety of markets

Skill-based games markets are different and sometimes the technical requirements don't allow to reuse existing equipment. Our Skill-based platform is designed to support all known Skill-based and no-chance jurisdictions all over the United States. Moreover, we are closely staying in touch with regulations updates in order to keep the platform up to date to allow you to focus on your business.

Slot Constructor Skill-based game system features

  • Compliant to Ohio, Florida, Washington, Michigan, North Carolina, Nebraska, Pennsylvania regulations
  • Nudge and 5-reel games are supported
  • Multigame support for up to 8 games per board
  • Dual display support as well as single screen
  • Variety of handcount and redemption settings, including rebuy winnings
  • 28-pin "pot-o-gold" style connector to fit existing cabinets
  • All major peripheral devices are fully supported
  • Refill-based licensing with disposable unlock codes
  • Predominant skill-based math option is available
  • Pre-reveal settings for no-chance games

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What we can do for you

  • Custom development of your own unique skill games.
  • Converting existing games into skill-based products.
  • Support operators and manufacturers with all necessary software updates to stay compliant to current regulations.
  • Existing products are available from our clients.

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BMM Certified
Our skill-based game platforms are certified by BMM Testlabs.