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SDK Casino Game Development Kit

Slot Constructor has released a premier casino game development platform that gives anyone interested in developing these kinds of game a powerful, full-featured development and testing tool.

Our SDK is testlabs certified. Ideal for:

In addition, SDK comes with its own hardware emulator / testing environment (so you don’t need a board to see what you’ve created.) Thus, you can create, test, debug, test again, and further develop, all in the same environment. SDK is a serious tool for interested, enthusiastic developers.

Slot Constructor development kit game editor

While SDK’s power is unparalleled, it’s also accessible to anyone with some programming skill who is interested in developing these kinds of games. Entry level software developers can start experimenting, and advanced programmers will find impressive power under the hood.


We've developed SDK to be intuitive, ensuring users can use their creativity to the fullest.

Slot Constructor development kit IDE

Integrated Development Environment provides an entire suite of tools for designing and editing a game.

Slot Constructor development kit animation editor

The Timeline Animation Editor can be used for creating complex (and beautiful) programmable animations, sprites, and other eye-catching graphics for your game.

Game Engine and API Features:

  • True Cross-platform - SDK creates games that work anywhere (Linux, Windows XP / Embedded, Vista, 7, 8).
  • Multigame projects support
  • Advanced 2D and 3D graphics engine supports video playback and dual-display.
  • Unicode for easy software localization to any language
  • Secure Networking provides connections to secure server-based online / multiplayer systems.
  • Video slot reels (both 2D and 3D) are pre-coded and ready to use.
  • Peripheral devices support easily connect all maner of serial and pulse hardware, such as bill acceptors, hoppers, coin validators, ticket printers, and many more.
  • Copyright Protection - hardware compression and encryption ensure protection agains copying.

Advanced Hardware Emulation and Testing Environment

We mentioned this above, but it's worth repeating - you can Test / Run your games without a board. Every hardware feature is emulated, so it'll run exactly like it would in a board-powered gaming cabinet.

Slot Constructor development kit hardware emulation

Find documentation, tutorials and support

Slot Constructor SDK contains everything you need - development manuals, API reference and tutorials, and a good number of working examples, such as video slot machine source code, arcade game source code, gaming peripheral code samples, and more.

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BMM certified versions with SAS 6.02 support are available upon request.

Class-II casino gaming platform

Class-III casino gaming platform

Skill-based games platform

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Licensing and prices

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SDK usage examples

Devkit features list

List of the game build with the SDK

All in one hardware platforms

EFCO SDK quick start guide (PDF)


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Embedded Gaming Hardware

Slot Constructor game development kit is available for several gaming hardware platforms.

Slot Constructor Quixant SDK
Quixant all-in-one embedded gaming platforms for Casino and Skill-based machines


Slot Constructor EFCO SDK
EFCO embedded game boards for AWP markets


More Screenshots

Slot Constructor SDK IDE
Programming IDE

Slot Constructor SDK animation editor
Animation editor

Slot Constructor SDK IDE
Running game