Primate Payday videoslot logo

Jungle Adventures

  • 5-reels videoslot
  • 9, 15 or 25 lines configuration
  • 10 animated symbols
  • Card double up game
  • Bonus game
Primate Payday videoslot main screen
Primate Payday video slot game

Game Features

  • Pick Bonus: Pull the rope to try your luck. Each turn could bring up to 50x total bets or nothing.
  • Double Up: Choose the card of a higher rank than Dealer's card and double your win.

Game board features

  • 1024x768 SVGA graphics
  • Touchscreen support
  • Cherry-Master 36/10 pin harness compatible
  • Ticket printer support: Citizen-compatible, Epson-compatible
  • Bill acceptor support: pulse, ID-003, ccNet


Download full game source code

Full source code is available for SDK customers.

More screenshots

Primate Payday splash screen
Intro screen

Primate Payday double up game
Double Up

Primate Payday bonus game
Bonus Game