Video Slot Games Licensing

Slot Constructor develops and licenses exciting video slot games. Our team will assist with the games integration into your project. We can provide you full set of promotional materials for marketing and the manuals suitable for printing.

Licensing to land based casino and amusement location owners

We are glad to offer our video slot game boards for using within your locations. Our game boards are fully compatible with most of game cabinets and contain cherry master compatible harness. You can get the boards from our distributors or become a licensed distributor. Just contact us to get the closest distributor to you. Additional features and services are available upon request:

  • RNG casino-style slot math
  • Finite game math: finite pools are available for different bet and line levels.
  • Rental mode: easy to use and flexible solution for rental locking using instant unlocking passwords or USB dongles.
  • Custom I/O mapping: to fit any slot machine cabinets and peripherals.
  • Custom devices: we can add any peripheral devices support by request - bill acceptors, hoppers, printers or even custom-made devices.
  • Customized Slot Math: the math can be adjusted to perfectly fit your location. High or low percentages, smaller frequent or bigger rare winnings.

Licensing to gaming solution providers

We license the games to third-party gaming projects providers. Our company is an experienced game developer. We share our technologies and our experience with you in order to provide the best time to market using outstanding games. We are happy to have a long term cooperation with gaming system providers and developers. Extend your business by adding more high-quality video slot games from our collection. The game software can fit any gaming project with PC, game stations, terminals or even gaming kiosk or lottery terminals. Have a VLT, sweepstakes, pull-tabs, online casino? See what we can offer:

  • Slot games source code: access the full source codes and game development tools and feel free to add any changes to the games
  • Royalty-free business model: get full unlimited access to the games
  • Stay legal: custom implementation of any features to stay compliant with your gaming law
  • Certification assistance: we can help you to pass through the lab
  • Casino management systems integration: let us help you to link the games with your existing casino management tools and systems
  • Online game server integration: connect to the remote and local server-based systems
  • POS integration: connect the games to your point of sale
  • Localization: translate the games to your language
  • Progressive Jackpots: link the games to your community style jackpot system

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Game Boards Distribution

We are looking for slot machine manufacturers to handle distrubution of our game boards. Our game kits are fully compatible with most of the slot machine cabinets. The games support wide range of peripheral devices and contain cherry master compatible harness.

EFCO EGB5015 game board