Skill Based Adventure

  • 3-reels single line nudges
  • 2 games in one: Ant Farm and Hungry Plants
  • Local Jackpot feature
  • Mini-bonuses: mistery wild and wild spins
  • Bonus games
  • Shutter doors or skill stop options
Ants VS Plants multi game nudge menu
Ants VS Plants skill based nudge multigame

Game Features

  • Ant Farm mistery wild: Mistery spider eventually appears to make any symbol wild.
  • Ant Farm cockroach racing: Choose your champion to win the best prize.
  • Hungry Plants wild spins: Get up to 5 wild free spins.
  • Hungry Plants match bonus: Match the plants of the same color to win the top prize.

Nudge Game board

  • 1024x768 SVGA graphics
  • Finite and RNG versions
  • Touchscreen support
  • Cherry-Master 36/10 pin harness compatible
  • Ticket printer support: Citizen-compatible, Epson-compatible
  • Bill acceptor support: pulse, ID-003, ccNet, Mars, ITL NV-series
  • Game Count and single ticket limit
Hungry Plants nudge bonus game


Play Free Demo

Play FREE Ants VS Plants nudge game demo on your computer. Contact us to get the Linux game demo.

Download Ants VS Plants nudge game

Download free Ants VS Plants nudge game

Software Licensing

This game software is available for licensing for using with any gaming systems. The nudge game boards are available to the amusement operators for purchasing from our distributors. Contact us today to get the quotation.

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More screenshots

Ant Farm nudge game main screen
Ant Farm screen

Hungry Plants nudge game main screen
Hungry Plants screen

Ant Farm nudge bonus game
Ant Farm bonus game