Slot Constructor SDK Features

Game and System engine

  • Supported operating systems:
    • Windows (XP / XP embedded / Vista / 7) x86/x86_64
    • Linux (kernel 2.6+) x86/x86_64/ARM
  • Single game and multi game machines support
  • 2D and 3D video slot reels components
  • Dual-display and vertical display support
  • Hardware accelerated OpenGL rendering engine optimized for:
    • Intel GMA integrated video
    • AMD video cards
    • Nvidia video cards
    • VIA Unichrome integrated video
  • High-performance 2D rendering engine
  • Video playback (OGG Theora)
  • Video transparency support (video alpha channel)
  • TTF and bitmap fonts support
  • Networking: TCP/IP with SSL security, HTTP, HTTPS
  • Event-driven architecture
  • Certified RNG for GLI-11 technical standard
  • PostgreSQL database support
  • Lua programming language with many extensions:
    • Syntax sugar
    • Object-oriented programming support
    • Bit operations on binary data
    • XML parsing
    • LPT and Serial port with hardware 9-bit
    • Unicode (UTF8) wide-string Lua library
    • Multi-threading support
    • Many utility functions
  • Extensible C API

Slot Constructor framework - single way to develop


  • Integrated Development Environment
  • Timeline-based animation editor
  • Virtual I/O board tool for simulating gaming I/O
  • Built-in game editor
  • Built-in Lua command console
  • Image format conversion tools
  • GIMP plug-in for supporting SDK image format
  • Robust command-line toolkit for automation

Slot Constructor framework supported formats

Sample Code

  • Primate Payday (2D-reels): source code for 5-reels, 25-lines video slot machine with bonus feature, double-up and setup menu. Game Information.
  • Frozen Fortunes (2D-reels): source code for 5-reels, 25-lines video slot machine with free games feature, double-up and setup menu. Game Information.
  • Aladdin (3D-reels): 3-reels, 5-lines video slot game with step-by-step tutorial.
  • Fishing Shooter: arcade multi-player machine with sources
  • Multi-game project example sources
  • Simple side-scrolling arcade game sources
  • C API usage example
  • Sample of game engine integration into Qt application
  • Many more examples available

Hardware Support

  • Serial port (COM-port) with hardware 9-bit support: RS-232, RS-485, etc
  • Parallel (LPT) port support
  • Serial and pulse bill/coin acceptors support:
    • JCM bill validators with TITO
    • CashCode bill validators with TITO
    • ITL NV-9/10/11 bill validators
    • Mars (MEI) bill validators with TITO
    • Pyramid bill validators
    • Astro Systems GBA bill validators with TITO
    • Various pulse devices
  • Serial ticket and voucher printers support:
    • Citizen-compatible thermal receipt printers
    • Epson-compatible thermal receipt printers
    • Future Logic voucher TITO printers
    • Ithaca voucher TITO printers
    • Nanoptix voucher TITO printers
  • SAS 6.02 support:
    • Majority of events, long polls and meters
    • AFT with bonusing
    • TITO with Secured, Enhanced and Standard validation
    • Progressive controllers up to 16 levels
    • Legacy Bonusing
    • Dual channel SAS
    • Gaming laboratories certified and tested with Bally, IGT, Aristocrat, Konami and Intralot casino host systems as well as Intercard cashless systems and Spectronix progressive controllers
    • Certified for 9 major casino host systems in Mexico
  • Gaming hardware support:
    • Fully compliant to GLI-11 and NIGC technical standards
    • Digital I/O for buttons, lamps, LED controllers
    • Pulse hard meters with connection status
    • SRAM safe fault-tolerant file system
    • Jurisdictional EEPROM chip
    • Secured BIOS
    • Secured real-time clock
    • Hardware intrusion logger
    • Power on/off hardware logger
    • Monitoring battery status
    • Proprietary hardware encryption and protection system


Some of the features might not be available in certain SDK versions.



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SDK Examples

Slot Constructor development kit contains complete reference games with source code, available to SDK customers.

Fishing Shooter amusement game example source
Fishing Shooter multi-player arcade game.

Frozen Fortunes video slot game example source code
Frozen Fortunes 5-reels video slot machine source code with free spins feature.

Primate Payday video slot game example source code
Primate Payday 5-reels video slot machine source code with bonus feature.