Amusement Game Machines

Shing Chang Development & Design Co. Ltd., gaming machine manufacturer from Taiwan, has been producing video games since 1987. They started to use Slot Constructor Development Kit in 2011 to fillful their development needs and utilize gaming hardware features, such as digital I/O, gaming interfaces and security, provided by Aewin GA-5000 board.

Shing Chang

They have started to port their existing product range to the new gaming board using Slot Constructor Aewin Framework. Now they are working on amusement and casino games based on newer GA-2200 board.

The partnership between Slot Constructor and Shing Chang now continues to grow. Slot Constructor provides professional and mature software to their development team as well as complete technical support to assist with their game development.

"If you are looking for world class gaming control systems and gaming peripherals, lightning fast time-to-market, outstanding and free technical support, Slot Constructor is the best choice in our opinion. It's great starting point for easy game development."

Shing Chang Team

Shing Chang engineers use almost all the SDK abilities. They helped us to locate some malfunctions and suggested many features. We appreciate your help, guys.

Shing Chang Development & Design Co. Ltd.
No. 2, Ln. 18, Mingshang 5th St., Renwu district, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan
Tel: 886-7-3756790, Fax: 886-7-3717428



Fishing Tycoon arcade machine
Fishing Tycoon arcade machine by Shing Chang


All-in-one gaming board
Shing Chang uses Aewin GA-5000 gaming boards and Heber X10 peripheral control board.

Slot Constructor Aewin Framework
Slot Constructor provides software development kit to Shing Chang.