Sweepstakes System with 10x rules

In 2012 our company participated in Grey Gaming sweepstakes gaming project development for locations in Texas, USA. We were happy to receive this amazing case study from Ewan MacPherson. The project contains high-resolution games, such as keno, 8-liners and 5-reel slot machines, community progressive Jackpot, POS software running magnetic cards.

greygaming sweepstakes games

We first contacted "Slot Constructor" when we saw their software development kit for games. We purchased the kit and found it incredibly powerful and easy to use. Our problem was that we did not have anyone with the creativity or the skill to produce the graphics icons, never mind the animations.

greygaming finite sweepstakes games

When I reviewed the samples on the website, it was clear that there were competent graphic artists on board at "Slot Constructor". I approached "Slot Constructor" and asked them if they would contract to "do our graphics". I explained that we wanted a multi-game with Reels, Keno and Lotería. Upon further discussion Mr. Bronnikov of "Slot Constructor" said "Why don’t we do the code too?" It was agreed and the project began.

sweepstakes gaming station running the lobby

We were reluctant to pay before seeing the results and we agreed on a payment schedule with milestones and samples for us to view during the process. At the end of the first month (the schedule called for four months) the samples delivered showed that we would have an excellent outcome.

sweepstakes POS software

Upon delivery of the complete project, the games performed as requested apart from some minor issues. The promptness of "Slot Constructor’s" technical support meant these issues were taken care of in less than twenty-four hours. The fact of my being in California and "Slot Constructor’s" being in Siberia meant that they could make adjustments while I was asleep and I had new software first thing in the morning.

sweepstakes location in Texas

"Slot Constructor’s" technical support also helped me with hardware problems that I had, which had nothing to do with the game code. One evening, Mr. Bronnikov spent 4 hours continuously with me on Skype and he resolved my problems. That is customer service!

sweepstakes location in Texas

Our first gaming machines have now been deployed in the U.S.A.. There has been universal approval from the customers. Comments like "Wow, amazing graphics!" are common. Perhaps the most telling comments came from some of our competitors who dropped by at the location. One said, reluctantly, "Those look very nice.". Another had his mouth open.

sweepstakes gaming stations running the software

We will soon add more games to the software, and license more physical games for more locations.


More Info

If you want to get more information on the Grey Gaming Sweepstakes system, contact Ewan MacPherson at www.grey-gaming.com
+1-915-240-0647 (GMT-8)

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EGB-5015 all-in-one embedded gaming boards
Grey Gaming sweepstakes system is running on Intel Atom based mini-PC machines as well as EFCO EGB-5015 game boards.

Slot Constructor EFCO Framework
Slot Constructor provides software development kit as well as full-scale software development services and game design.