Multi-Poker Machines

GMS Maquinas is a small Colombian company dedicated to maintain and refurbish of casino machines. They are specialist to update firmware of reels, video reels and video poker from R Franco machines. The company was establish by the people who have more than 20 years experience in design and test of casino machines for Latin America market.

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Their main product is a Multipoker machine - multi-denomination video poker machine board developed for Colombian market taking the best of the old poker games updated and added with new features giving to the player a new experience and possibilities also a better performance to the casino.

Multi-denomination poker machine

The game has been developed in a gaming machine board supplied by Aewin technologies for better performance reliability and costs with a powerful development tool like Slot Constructor Development Kit which make possible to develop a game with all features that market and regulation requires, it provides a fast way to do updates in order to satisfy customers requirements and give us to the developers an easy way to extend the features in order to use this game in other markets, also it will give us the opportunity to start with video reels projects in short time.

Rafael Garzòn, GMS Maquinas, Colombia

Gaming Machine Services
Carrera 70D, No. 53-86, Bogota, Colombia
Tel: +57 1 7595747



all-in-one embedded gaming boards
GMS uses Aewin GA-1000 gaming boards.

Slot Constructor Aewin Framework
Slot Constructor provides software development kit to GMS.